Stunning Vistas on Clear Labels for Surf City Still Works

A bottle’s label should evoke a mood.

Surf City Still Works’ labels give you that “chill” feeling. They beckon you to enjoy the distinctive craft spirits, and dream of grabbing a surfboard to catch a wave.

The new Huntington Beach distillery is paying homage to the call of the surf with artistic labels viewed through the clear bourbon, gin and vodka in the bottles.

The gorgeous “see through” labels are artwork worthy of displaying even after the bottles are empty. Huntington Beach artists Melissa A. Murphy and Sam Bernal created the designs.


What a way to make a splash on the spirits scene for Surf City Still Works’ husband-and-wife co-founders, Josh and Elena Kornoff.

Their vision was so clear that they wanted a distinctive way to create their packaging, and came up with the idea of being able to see through the bottle to admire the artwork.

Labeltronix adapted this concept and made it into a reality. Our flexo press can print unique “double sided” labels. This technique uses two different substrates. We printed a reversed image on a clear material, laminated the material Surf City chose, and then printed and registered the outside image on top.

The end result is a label that seems to be printed on both the inside and outside of the material, with artwork showing on the inside and visible also on the other side of the bottle, where another label can be affixed.

It’s a double win for Surf City Still Works, and their appreciative customers, too.

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