Midnight Vellum

buc2Finally, a label so durable and reliable... it's Scuff-Proof!

A label as alluring, strong and reliable as the clock striking midnight every 24 hours.
This high-quality face stock evokes upscale and sophistication for your distinctive brand.

Guaranteed "Scuff-Proof"

  • Our distinctive black Midnight Vellum labels are impervious to the friction of other wine bottles during shipping and handling.
  • Labels can be moved in wine cases without getting marked up in transit, or suffering from "edge wear."
  • Rest assured your wine bottle will arrive only with the words and images you print on them, and nothing else picked up along the way.

Additional Advantages

  • Eco-Friendly: 30% recycled post consumer fiber
  • Contains wet strength properties to enhance durability in moist environments
  • A sleek look and a sturdy performance combine to give this material both style and substance.