recWe believe it is our duty to implement strategies to reduce our ecological footprint. Labeltronix is committed to operating our business with sustainable awareness and action - for a better, cleaner and healthier tomorrow. We are also on a mission to bring new materials to market that are eco-friendly, allowing our customers to take action to preserve the natural environment.

Our Eco-Friendly label materials consist of:

  • Classic Crest® - FSC® Certified
  • Recycled Matte - 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste)
  • Midnight Vellum - FSC® Certified
  • Bright White Felt* - 30% PCW(Post Consumer Waste), FSC® Certified
  • White Linen* - FSC® Certified
  • Natural Felt* - 30% PCW (Post Consumer Waste)
  • Eggshell Felt - 30% PCW (Post Consumer Waste), FSC® Certified
  • Los Carneros AVA - FSC® Certified
  • Recycled Vellum - 100% PCW (Post Consumer Waste)
  • White Cotton
Our Eco-Friendly line of products are materials which are already stocked in-house and are made with post-consumer waste, recyclable options or are FSC® certified materials.

We continue to source and qualify materials and manufacturing processes
that lessen the impact on the environment of producing premium quality labels.

The rewards of our conservation efforts - and yours - will be felt for generations to come.

*Available with PET Liner
Classic Crest® is a registered trademark of Neenah Paper Company
AllureTM is a trademark of Wausau Coated Products, Inc.
FSC® is a registered trademark of Forest Stewardship CouncilTM

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