Crystal Clear

Are you looking for that "no label look"?

crystalclearWe have the most cost effective option for you. Introducing our crystal clear labels.

Enhance your product shelf appeal and allow your product to show through the label for the most dramatic effect. Labeltronix offers a wide selection of die shapes which allows you to virtually create endless possibilities for shapes and sizes.

The uses are limitless - clear labels are frequently used on water bottles, cosmetics, health & beauty items, and more.

Multiple Printing Options

It looks like the graphics are screened directly on the products when this uniquely built material is applied. However, contrary to silk screening, the crystal clear label can be printed either digital or flexo for a fraction of the cost of silk screening, and can be printed with quality never before seen in the industry with Labeltronix' award-winning print quality.

Another option is using a "sandwich" printing method so that graphics can be seen from both sides of the label.

Cold Tolerance

The crystal clear label is a clear polypropylene with a cold temperature permanent adhesive, which is capable of being applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Things to consider when using a crystal clear label on your product:

  • For those times you want your artwork to be opaque, you will need to add white behind the artwork. (Please see our White Guidelines)
  • For transparent artwork, no need for white to be added

What Our Customers are Saying

"As soon as we replaced our old labels with crystal-clear labels from Labeltronix, we noticed not only more sales, but products with new labels also attracted a new demographic: females of 18 to 25 years old that we didn't have before! Re-labeling proved to be a great strategy for our company."

- Peter M., SoCal Food Company