Sokol Family Describes ‘Best Decision Ever’ in Label Launch

sokol_bWhen the Sokol family in Ocala, Florida decided to enter the world of wineries, they launched a brand””and a labor of love.

Three members of the family””father, David, the winemaker; mother, Patricia, the business leader; and daughter, Katherine, the marketing mastermind””each took on a major role in running Sokol Vineyards.

As the family sought a graphic design and labeling printers for their new brand, they knew how important these decisions would be for attracting customers to their new products.

In January 2016, the Sokols approached Genn Martin, a graphic designer, with the profiles and personalities of the wines they were producing.

After preliminary sketches, Katya emerged as “the beautiful blonde with delicate features we have today,” said Katherine, the namesake for the wine.

When it came time to print the label, the Sokols started with a company that screen prints on wine labels. “However, we learned that their cost was far too great, and they were lacking in an understanding of basic customer service and courtesy,” Katherine explained.

The Sokols’ contact at Vintner’s Vault recommended Labeltronix.

katya_label240Choosing a Label Printer

“Best decision ever,” Katherine said. The Labeltronix team “had great patience with us””to ensure our vision could be completed within realistic expectations.”

Katherine was delighted that Labeltronix never said “No” to their ideas. “It was always, ‘Let’s figure this out!” she said.

Choosing the Paper

The label material M42 El Dorado AVA matched the essence of the Katya design. “My eye immediately was drawn to the gold accents and the texture of the paper,” said Katherine. “It felt rich and ethereal, the definition of Katya.”

Enhancing with Embellishments

“The addition of embossing, spot tactical varnish, and gold foil in moderation brought the image to life,” Katherine said.

The Sokols decided on these effects with the help of the Labeltronix team. “Their attentive guidance helped to make the design impeccable,” she added.

Telling the Sokol Label Story

To build excitement about the coming opening of their wine tasting room, the Sokols released a video of all their completed label designs.

“The public response has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Katherine. “We often hear ‘unique’, ‘work of art’ and ‘too pretty to recycle’.”

“This was our ultimate goal””to create a work of art both in the bottle and on the outside,” said Katherine. “Your team made that vision come to life.”


Sokol Vineyards opens its first tasting room soon in the Square in Downtown Ocala. Stop by to taste the wine, admire the label, and share in the family legacy.

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