How to do Smaller Label Runs Without Sacrificing Quality

Smaller Label Runs Hybrid Labeling

Have you ever ordered labels for your product and been surprised at just how many you have to order to make the per-label price cost effective? It’s hard to decide what to do if you don’t need that many labels: Order in bulk just in case you need them and waste any you don’t, or pay more per label. 

At Labeltronix, we’ve been watching customers struggle with this aspect of the industry for more than 28 years. And we do what we can to help customers buy premium crafted labels when they’re needed, in the quantities they need them. 

One of the core ways we help customers achieve their labeling needs is with Lean Labeling. Each customer has unique needs, especially when it comes to label quantity and scheduling, and Lean Labeling helps us meet those needs efficiently. 

We believe that just because you only have 100 cases of a certain varietal, it doesn’t mean you should have to pay exorbitant label prices or sacrifice label quality. Quite the opposite—your labels should be as unique as your wine, with all the finishes and embellishments to stand out. 

Hybrid Labeling

hybrid label printing

For producers with small batches, brands looking to give personalized experiences, or cannabis products with compliance requirements, dynamic hybrid labeling allows complete control over individual labels. 

We print your brand label, complete with embossing, foil stamping, spot varnish, or whatever finishes your label requires. Then you print variable information at your facility, as you need the labels. 

Hybrid labeling is great for:

  • Adding cannabis compliance information like strain details, THC and CBD percentages, and more 
  • Personalizing products for guests in your tasting room
  • Creating unique products for special events
  • Specialty small batch cocktails and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages
  • Testing small batch products before doing full runs

All while maintaining your brand with premium craft labels. 

Whether Lean Labeling, hybrid labeling, or both are right for you, the experts at Labeltronix can help you with your label needs. Contact us or request samples today.

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