Our ‘Scratch-n-Sniff’ Wine Label Goes Viral

You can see—and smell—the watermelons on the Cocomero label,
thanks to the customized way Labeltronix created it.

Now, Cocomero’s scratch-n-sniff label is grabbing headlines, along with great reviews, like these:

• “One winemaker has found a creative new way to stand out from the pack: Winc's Cocomero rose wine has a scratch-n-sniff label on the bottle. It rewards those who give it a scratch with a burst of watermelon-scented glory.” – Bustle

• “Scratch-N-Sniff Rosé Is Here To Make Your Summer Days Ever Better” – KIISFM

• “Recently, we came across a wine whose label is offering more than just good looks …. This is one adorable label you can actually trust to deliver.” – Refinery29

• “Cheers to an easy Rosé choice, and here's hoping we have more vino labels to scratch 'n sniff in the near future!” – Delish

Cocomero is available through Winc, a wine subscription site.

“One of our ongoing focuses is to design formats that can amplify experiences in ways that normal packaging cannot,” said Brooke Matthias, Wine Director at Winc. “Cocomero is an example of how our team is continuing to push boundaries with our products.”

The Winc team has been working with Labeltronix since 2015, and they keep coming back. “Labeltronix has always been super easy and flexible to work with. I could not ask for better service! Emily & Bill are top notch,” said Matthias.

Want to distinguish your vino with an aromatic “scratch-n-sniff” label, too? Reach out and we’ll set you up!

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