Reflecting on 28 Years in the Labeling Business

Labeltronix 28th Anniv

Labeltronix is extremely grateful to be celebrating our 28th anniversary this year. We opened in 1993, and oh how the world has changed since then.

Reflecting on our 28-year-long journey, we have experienced many milestones and amazing accomplishments making us very proud and thankful.

In looking back—and ahead—there is one common theme throughout our years of success, and that is the people. Our customers, our employees, the consumers who experience our end product—that’s what gives us purpose and drives our existence.

Putting People First

Yes, we’re in the labeling business. But that puts us in the people business. We work with our customers—who are endlessly passionate about the products they create—and our work has a big impact on our customers’ customers...the people drinking, eating, using the products our labels envelop. 

It would be easy to get lost in the logistics. Colors, paper stock, foils. But we’ve worked hard to always bring it back to the humans behind it all, which for us is focused on our customers and how we can help them.

Our focus on Customers is the basis for Lean Labeling, our innovative customer focused approach. We created and built Lean Labeling from Scratch nearly 20 years ago with the vision to help our customers thrive in today's economy. 

We also want to be a place people love to work. Where our employees can see and feel the impact they’re having with the work we do. We have an amazing team with great leadership that has created a family feel...a family with a shared passion to serve customers and be the best at what we do. 

It takes everyone, working together, to make it to 28 years in business. It also requires shifting with changing winds along the way.

The Labeltronix Refresh

In 2020, we released our updated brand. New logos and big strategic shifts that help us better serve our labeling customers and the market as a whole—all with the same focus on Lean Labeling and the people behind the label.

Learn all about the new Labeltronix:

The rebrand wasn’t just an executive initiative, passed down from the top. We worked with our team for input on who Labeltronix is to them and those they interact with. We empowered each department to set its own objectives and come up with its own slogan.

Here’s what each team is working toward—all focused on how we serve you, our customer. 

  • HR – Investing in our employees and retaining top talent ensures customers’ needs will be well understood and executed. 

    Slogan – Our ‘People’ Success Guarantees our Marketplace Success

  • MarketingVital in promoting Labeltronix and our brand positioning statement. Reaching out to prospects, customers, and the community showcasing who we are and our capabilities. Encouraging employees to be brand ambassadors and labeling experts, showcasing our knowledge and understanding of Labeltronix services, products, and values to every customer they work with. 

    Slogan – Making the Brand Connection

  • Sales – Clearly communicate customer needs and expectations throughout all internal offices. 

    Slogan – Sales is the Voice of the Customer

  • Account ManagersExperts on engineering labels and are critical in the satisfaction and retention of our customers. Setting realistic expectations with timelines and follow through on each project keeps our customers on track. 

    Slogan – Our Expertise Ensures Customer Success

  • Prepress – Responsible for translating and preparing our customers’ artwork into manageable, high-quality products. We are the conduit, bridging the gap between sales, customer service, and the production team. 

    Slogan – Preparing Artwork for Printing Perfection

  • ProductionResponsible for producing and delivering premium quality labels that exceed customer expectations in a timely manner that meet the deadlines of our customers. We are the last line of the customer experience that assures our customers’ overall experience with Labeltronix is a great one by delivering on our service, quality, and promise to maintain and expand their brand. 

    Slogan – Quality is Key to All We Do

  • AccountingKeeps Labeltronix operating so we can continue to bring premium quality labels to our customers. 

    Slogan – Count on us to Deliver

  • ReThink TeamExperts in providing on demand labeling solutions. We advise, educate, train, and support customers and internal departments with on-demand labeling systems. 

    Slogan – Delivering on the Promise of On-Demand Labeling

Shifting to New Market Dynamics

The world changed in 2020. This past year has proven to be the latest challenge, wrapped in opportunity, to hit the industry. Once again, because of our team, our leadership and our Lean Labeling approach, we have been able to stay the course, serving our valued customers every day. This past year has not been easy, but it has made us stronger and better.

We’re constantly watching for new trends and technologies while working with innovative customers to launch never-before-seen Lean Labeling solutions into the world. The global pandemic changed retail, likely for the long-term, and we’re helping customers adjust to that new reality. A business doesn’t survive this long without making the necessary changes as the world shifts around us.

It is exciting to think that after 28 years and many such obstacles, we are not only seeing record growth, we are also seeing the Lean Labeling vision become more relevant than ever before. We’ve set ourselves up to serve customers better than ever before and promise to always keep you #1. 

As we continue this journey—ups and down included—we see a bright future ahead and remain appreciative for all we have.

Here’s to another 28 fantastic years...and beyond.

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