‘REAL Impact’ Takes Off at Labeltronix

At Labeltronix, one of our beliefs is that we can always be better and do more.

We know that “continuous improvement” starts with our employees, and our customers. That’s why we routinely ask, “How are we doing?” and “What more could we be doing?”

This latest round of inquiry among Labeltronix employees surfaced their enthusiasm for doing more in the area of “giving back to the community.”

That’s why we formed the REAL Impact team to be the face of our philanthropic efforts.

“We got REAL from ReThink and Labeltronix, and ‘Impact’ because that’s what we’re dedicated to producing as we give back to our community in a multitude of ways,” said Jill Sambol, marketing manager at Labeltronix.

Ten team members volunteer to participate in the newly formed REAL Impact team, which meets monthly and considers supporting various causes and participating in upcoming events.  Here are what some of the team members are saying about what this committee means to them:

"I’ve been wanting to get involve serving the community around us for a while. The forming of REAL Impact group gave me the perfect opportunity to serve plus doing it with my coworkers.  Looking forward to do many great projects with our group and making positive changes around us one step at a time!" - Michelle Vietti

“Being a part of this group means that I get to help Labeltronix give back to the community and make a change, even if it’s for one person at a time and for that, I’m honored.” - Jessica Angel

“I think it’s important, as humans, that we strive to love our neighbor the best that we can. There is no better force for good and change than a community of helpers." - Emily Cunningham

“REAL Impact allows me to be a part of something bigger than myself”. - Christine Cooley

"There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back and making difference in the lives of the people in this great community." - Renee Davison

Recently, the REAL Impact team completed the CHOC Walk in the Park and a beach clean-up, and we celebrated SOCKTOBER by donating 167 pairs of socks to a local homeless shelter.

The holidays offer many more opportunities for donating time and efforts, beginning with the Friendly Center’s Turkey Drive.

“We’re looking forward to doing our Angel Tree with the Salvation Army in December,” Jill said.

Labetronix has a legacy of giving back, from contributions raised during the company’s 25th anniversary 'Celebration in the Park' in 2018, to our donations to Hoop Stars.

“We’re all excited to be extending our REAL Impact,” Jill said. “Let us know if there’s a cause you’d like our team to consider. We welcome new suggestions.”


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