Stop Human Trafficking: Buy NOT FOR SALE ALE

hm_saisonHuman trafficking is a desperate problem worldwide, and Labeltronix’s labels have been chosen to raise awareness in the fight to end it.

Half Moon Bay Brewing Co., a craft brewery located in central California, is donating a portion of the sales of two of its craft beers to NOT FOR SALE, a non-profit community service organization dedicated to ending human trafficking globally.

Based in San Francisco, NOT FOR SALE raises funds to help exploited youth with life and work skills training, assistance that is designed to provide stability and empowerment.

The two Half Moon Bay brews carrying the arresting labels from Labeltronix are NOT FOR SALE ALE Saison and NOT FOR SALE ALE CALF-EINE.

The Saison is brewed with the Peruvian herb Cats Claw, combined with honey, ginger and Hibiscus flowers. The beer is described as “a Belgian Saison with a spicy kick to the finish.”

The Ale/Calf-eine combo is a coffee milk stout, made in collaboration with NOT FOR SALE’s coffee company Dignit`a. Using a medium roast cold-brewed coffee, this beer has a creamy texture balanced by a roasty aroma with just a touch of bitterness from the coffee.

Half Moon Bay selected Labeltronix for its NOT FOR SALE campaign after partnering with us to provide labels for several other craft brews they produce.

Labeltronix is proud to be chosen for such a worthy cause, and shares in shining a spotlight on this organization’s mission.

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