What does a “football texture” label feel like?

Ask the lucky fans who bought a limited edition cabernet reserve that commemorates the Super Bowl-winning Indianapolis Colts.

That’s the team that took home the Super Bowl XLI trophy 10 years ago.

Labeltronix customized an embossing plate to create a very unusual “football texture” for this very special label by our friends at Wine By Design.

Watch this video, to see how the California cabernet reserve was chosen to commemorate the legendary Indianapolis team with 2,000 cases of limited edition wine.


You, too, can celebrate magnificent moments for sports fans with your wine, and we can create the textures and perfect colors for the label designs that match those moments.

Making this kind of “memory magic” can work for more than just sports!

Corporate anniversaries, historical events, and major community celebrations might inspire you to kick off with an idea similar to this one.

Contact us for a sample of the Colts commemorative wine label, so you can check out the winning football texture we created for it.

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