New Label Materials Available at Labeltronix

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Labeltronix: time to debut some of our new label materials. Our new offerings include eco-friendly label materials, artisanal materials, extra durable materials, and more. 

Here are some of our newest materials available for wine labels, craft beer labels, spirits labels, cannabis/CBD labels, and more.

  • Metal Badge

    - Achieve the look of a metal badge or nameplate with a thick label stock that stands out and allows the look of 3D designs. 

metal badge spirits label

Metal Badge: click for close-up


  • Natural White Canvas

    - Your product is a masterpiece, and now your label can have the same look as an artist’s canvas. Has wet strength and FSC certified properties.

Natural White Canvas label material

Natural White Canvas: click for close-up

  • White Artisan

    - Looking for an old-world artisan feel? With a simple, yet ornate emboss pattern appearance, your brand can stand out with a durable beverage label.

White Artisan label material

White Artisan: click for close-up

  • Soft Linen

    - Convey classic and traditional values with looks of elegance and subtle texture that leave a strong impression. 

soft linen label material

Soft Linen: click for close-up

  • Vellum Hemp

    – Boost your green initiative with 50% hemp, 50% PCW material that delivers on your commitment to reduce your environmental footprint. The smooth texture with hemp elements will appeal to consumers who appreciate the crafted look.

Vellum Hemp label material

Vellum Hemp: click for close-up

Interested in seeing and feeling these or other materials for yourself?

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