New Finishing Press Designed To Impress

ANAHEIM, CA (October 26, 2018)– Finishing presses give labels those special touches that make them really “pop,” and this week, Labeltronix adds another piece of equipment to its busy operation.

The new equipment—a Digicon Series 3, customized with a number of multi process embellishment modules —provides Labeltronix customers with the latest options in high end embellishments designed to increase impact with their labels. By adding high-build varnishes, unique and complex foiling and embossing, brand owners can continue to expand their desires to create unique labels for their products.

“The first Bigfoot Digicon press was utilized to print so many of our client’s labels that we brought in another,” said Shawn Plunkett, General Manager. Besides the “eye appeal” of the labels, Labeltronix customers were also pleased with the savings they realized with this technology over previous printing options to enhance appeal.

Silk screen or “high build” printing has been in high demand at Labeltronix, and this new press can accomplish this technique faster and more efficiently. High build printing forces ink through a mesh screen so it can accumulate in specific areas, resulting in a heavy ink deposit that gives a tactile feel on lettering and images.

This newest press addition to Labeltronix, who recently celebrated their 25th year of operation, reinforces the company’s commitment to investing in and expanding their industry leading wine label printing facility.

“Our growth is fueled by our customer’s excitement and desire to create labels that will elevate their product,” said Plunkett. “We’re always looking for ways to help our customers capture that vision and exceed the changing needs and demands set forth in the marketplace.”

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