Nutraceutical MarketsYour products are competing for consumer attention on store shelves like never before

Do you manufacture health products that must move consumers to buy, while your labels must comply with FDA rules and requirements? Or, do you manufacture nutraceuticals where labels must convey that your product produces results?

We are here to help you create the best labels in the marketing and regulatory maze of your industry. Lean Labeling® from Labeltronix brings your labels and your business to an entirely new level:

React quickly.

Comply with FDA nutritional requirements with on-demand labeling solutions.

Reduce turnaround times.

Shorten your time to market with print turnarounds measured in days not weeks.

Meet technical specs.

Print on a large selection of materials with a wide range of finishes.

Reduce overall labeling costs.

Order what's needed when you need it and reduce obsolete label inventory.

Customize labels.

Use our variable information label technology to customize lot numbers, expiration dates, and multiple SKUs. You can even take advantage of product bar code serialization for tracking purposes.

Print with clarity.

High-end presses and technology allows you to print detailed side effect lists, ingredients, and product use instructions without losing readability.