Health & Beauty

beautyIn the highly competitive health and beauty industry, it is imperative to stand out in the crowded marketplace. Using high-quality label materials and finishes, and award-winning printing techniques, your label will attract customers to put your product in their shopping carts.

Labeltronix helps health and beauty companies:

React quickly.

Provide on-demand labeling solutions to comply with ingredient changes and a constantly evolving product line.

Reduce turnaround times.

Shorten your time to market with print turnarounds measured in days not weeks.

Meet technical specs.

Choose from a wide variety of stock, specialty materials, adhesives and coatings to help you create the right look.

Customize labels.

Create label solutions for specialty containers and packaging required in the beauty markets.

Labels that last.

We carry the material and laminate combinations that are the most durable for almost every situation when it comes to scratches, rubbing, water, or oil.

Track products.

You can take advantage of product bar code serialization for tracking purposes.

Test new products.

Print in smaller volumes so you can test new products cost effectively.

Provide added security.

Create tamper-evident packaging solutions to meet over-the-counter health and safety requirements, and security features to prevent counterfeiting.