Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp

Most consumers look first at labels and packaging as they make choices in this complex and crowded field.

That’s why your brand’s labels must be compelling for buyers—while complying with various regulations that govern labeling these products in whatever states you target.

Labeltronix knows how to help you make your brand stand out, whether your products are aimed for the medical marijuana or recreational markets.

Distinguish Your Brand

Our proven digital printing capabilities are ideal for companies marketing edibles, oils, or topical products.

The printing consultants at Labeltronix take your label design and help you identify the best paper and printing for your needs. They may also recommend enhancing your label by adding special touches like embossing or foil stamping for extra shelf appeal.

Variable Data Keeps Up With Labeling Requirements

Your “back label” compliance list will cover many essential points, including:

  • THC %
  • CBD %
  • Net Weight
  • Strain
  • Testing Lab Details
  • Lot #
  • Dates
  • And more, depending upon the state
For some of your products, this information may differ. With our variable data printing options, we can help you easily and cost-effectively make adjustments to this information—while maintaining a label quality that conveys the importance you place on complying.

You can also take advantage of product barcode serialization for tracking purposes.

Focus on Cost-Effectiveness

Our goal is to help your company thrive. Partnering with our clients, we always work to make the best solution also a cost-effective one.

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Since 1993, Labeltronix has been helping consumer brands, wine, beer, and spirits stand out among their competitors. Contact us today so we can help you do the same in the cannabis, CBD, and Hemp market.