Labeltronix Wins for packagePRINTING Excellence

Jade_Lake350Labeltronix has scored its second win for the Jade Lake label produced on behalf of the Chateau Montelena Winery.

This label first caught the eye of the judges at the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA), who gave it the "Excellence in Flexography" award earlier this year. They recognized it for the "tonal range" on the image, and the use of tactile varnish as a complement to the flexo printing. This wine was presented in the "narrow web, process, metallized" category of competition.

Then, the packagePRINTING Excellence Awards judges again recognized Labeltronix for the Jade Lake label, awarding it 1st place in the Wine and Beer Flexo (Process) Label category. This label once again stood out for its use of luminescent foil and sculptured embossing embellishments.

"We continue to strive for excellence in every label that we print and are honored to have been recognized for doing just that," said Shawn Plunkett, General Manager for Labeltronix.

"When Chateau Montelena Winery approached us with this design series, we knew it would become something special, and we added our own touches to make it so," he said.

The label has an interesting story of its own.

"We had a vision for a wine label that was based on an iconic part of our property””the roofline of Chinese-style pavilions in the middle of Jade Lake. The focus was to bring to life these mythical creatures””and their story””within the tight confines of a wine label," says Brian Baker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Chateau Montelena Winery.

The winery's designer chose a textured background, and he highlighted the patterns that he saw in each of the creatures to give that background more depth.

"Then Labeltronix brought the design created by our internal team to life. The series sells out each year, and the label is a big part of the attraction to the wines," Baker said.

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