Labeltronix Adds High Build As A New Tool to Boost Labels’ Shelf Appeal

ANAHEIM, Calif. – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Labeltronix has expanded its finishing capabilities to add the high-impact option of high build varnish using screen printing onto labels.

The company’s new Flatbed Screen Printing Unit allows printing on labels with ink that “builds” to a depth and thickness that makes the lettering or image “stand up” and stand out with vibrant colors and a glossy look.

This high-impact screen printing process works by pressing ink through a stencil and woven mesh screen with a squeegee, producing a heavy ink deposit wherever a raised effect is desired on the label.

Shoppers are often attracted to these labels that are more noticeable and “touchable” with a 3-dimensional appeal.

“Our customers asked us for additional embellishments to create high impact labels, and we’re happy to respond by adding it to our finishing capabilities,” said Shawn Plunkett, General Manager of Labeltronix.

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