Holographic Labels for Consumer Products: Why and How to Use Them

Labeltronix Holographic Labels

Increase in competition for consumer products—from wine, craft beer, and spirits to supplements and cannabis products—is making a product’s label ever-more important to helping it stand out and prevent copycats. 

Premium brands need to look great on shelves (and online) and help assure customers that they’re purchasing the real deal. Achieving this with your packaging while also making it stand out from the crowd means you need to add extra creativity. Holographic labels might be just the fine touch you were looking for.

What Are Holographic Labels?

Holographic labels, holograms, or holographic stickers are labels that can be infused with 2D or 3D images. Creating these effects is a highly technical process: you need to duplicate and engrave the image with a laser beam on the sticker surface. Typically, that surface is a foil or modified paper. You can add any design to your holographic label: numbers, images, texts, logos, photographs, and more. 


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If you need to add extra oomph to your holographic labels, you can also customize them with UV ink (which glows under ultraviolet light) or thermochromic ink. Of course, there are countless other customizations available for holographic labels—get in touch with our label experts to learn more about our capabilities. 

Why Should You Use Holographic Label Elements?

Holographic label elements are widely used by premium brands in the following consumer packaged good (CPG) areas: 

  • Wine
  • Spirits
  • Craft beer
  • Cannabis
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Health and beauty
  • Food and beverage

Within these verticals, some of the most common applications are:

1. Holograms Help Your Product Stand Out

From beverages and tinctures to pills and powders, premium products can benefit from a little push to make them more visible and appealing, especially on busy shelves. Holograms can help you achieve that.

You can use holographic labels in a variety of styles to match your ideal buyer’s profile to a T. Futuristic and cyberpunk looks are the easiest to achieve, but you can also go for a luxurious or high-tech look and feel.

2. Avoid Product Duplication 

Premium brands are always in danger of being replicated and sold with a very similar packaging but at lower price points. If you sell such products, foiling or holographic labels are a helpful way to avoid duplication.

The extra level of labeling will protect your brand image and create a loyal customer base who can feel at ease shopping for products that come with a quality guarantee.

3. Avoid Product Tampering

Holographic stickers are a great way to avoid product tampering and keep seals intact. Better yet, it’s an eye-catching way to enhance product security. Holographic elements are difficult to reproduce, and it’s obvious when one has been torn or tampered with, so they help ease consumers’ and brands’ minds. 

4. Holograms Enhance Brand Recognition

Out-of-the-box designs are memorable. Combine them with holographic labels and you’ll have packaging that’s truly unforgettable.

With holograms, your products will be easy to spot from a distance. Moreover, they will stick to the retinas of buyers far more than labels that are just colorful. If you want sustainable, scalable growth for your products, outstanding packaging is the place to start.

5. Get More for Less

Packaging is expensive, and it’s often an afterthought—with so much time, effort, and money put into the product inside. Holographic labels are a great way to achieve a dramatic effect to make sure that investment gets noticed. Your packaging can give off that premium vibe and catch the eyes of your user base.

6. Holographic Stickers Offer Flexibility 

Want to test the market and see what appeals most to your buyers? Order holographic stickers, rather than integrating the holographic effects right into the label, and you can place them selectively on some products to see if they fare better than the others. Or make unique designs that are collectible. 

In sticker form, holograms become extremely versatile: you can add them on top of your premium labels for a flexible one-two punch. Flexibility and scalability are important in labeling, just like standing out on the shelves is. 

Order Your Holographic Labels at Labeltronix

We’ve been crafting stand-out labels for decades, so we know how to make holographic elements on labels look great. 

At Labeltronix, we offer more than a convenient way to print your labels. When you work with us, you get our full support. This includes expert advice on how to maximize the impact of your labels without breaking the bank.

Not sure if we’re the right place for your holographic labels? Fill out this form and we’ll send you some samples of our labels so you can decide for yourself!

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