The History of Lean Labeling at Labeltronix

Labeltronix Lean Labeling

After more than 28 years in the labeling business, we’ve learned a lot along the way. We’re passionate about helping our customers with their labeling needs, in fact we asked our customers nearly 20 years ago what their biggest labeling challenges were, and what their ideal label company looked like.

What we learned was our customers needed significantly more flexibility and control. So, we created “Lean Labeling” and built our operation and manufacturing facility with the purpose of providing customers with more control and flexibility. 

What is Lean Labeling?

We have a saying at Labeltronix: “Lean Labeling in everything we do,” which means we incorporate our Lean Labeling mindset in every area from our account management approach, customer experience, pricing programs, and customer learning center to our state-of-the-art label printing and converting operation. 

Our goal with Lean Labeling is to provide premium craft labels on time and on budget for wine, craft beer, spirits, cannabis, and other premium product companies. 

An Example of Lean Labeling

Each customer has unique needs, and the beauty of Lean Labeling is that we’re able to meet those unique needs. But to give you an example of what Lean Labeling can do for just one of our customers, here’s a look at just one year for one Labeltronix customer. 

Total premium craft labels produced and delivered in 12 months: 

  • 673 individual orders
  • 73 new label designs
  • 234 different brands
  • 23 unique label materials
  • 21 different foil colors and types
  • 56 orders per month on average

By working with Labeltronix, this customer successfully launched 73 new brands and brand variations, updated various label designs, and managed varying production demand requirements throughout the year.

Why Lean Labeling?

Lean Labeling was created with a focus on customers and their labeling needs/challenges. The purpose of Lean Labeling is to provide customers a “better way” to create, procure, and manage their labels.

Needs and challenges facing our customers:

  • Digital proliferation in all aspects of their business 
  • Social media impacting their brand and market presence
  • Must be more agile to compete and thrive in today's economy
  • Product demand variations, significant forecasting challenges
  • Increasing SKU’s, versioning, and personalization and/or mass customization
  • Reduction of waste and environment conscience 
  • Speed, everything moving faster, click away society
  • Product information, safety concerns, traceability
  • Brands moving to D2C experience
  • More focus on the consumer experience
  • Relevant brand image and high quality are increasingly critical to brand success

Lean Labeling is the best way to balance premium label quality with cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and flexibility. 

Interested in Lean Labeling for your products? Set up a free consultation today.

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