Greenbar Distillery: A Labor of Love—Literally—in L.A.’s Arts District

A Labeltronix customer for a decade, Greenbar Distillery is now one of the most experienced craft distilleries in the country. And like many small businesses, they have a fun origin story.

Co-founder Melkon Khosrovian was inspired to create infused spirits that his then-fiance, Litty Mathew, would find more palatable than the harsh liquor served during his Armenian family celebrations— a tall task, as Litty is a gourmet at heart.

Through relentless research and experimentation, the two began to innovate the art of extracting and capturing clean, rich flavors from organic ingredients. Legend of their concoctions (and the romantic act) grew and eventually led them to create Greenbar Distillery.

New Offering: Private Labeling

This pursuit of flavor is taking Litty & Melkon to their next venture: helping others with their spirits-making projects. Brand owners looking to start or expand in the craft spirits space with their own private label or contract project will be in good hands since Greenbar Distillery brings a unique set of skills. “We offer outstanding value for brands in the $28-$50 retail price range,” says Melkon. “Our 15 years in whole, ingredient-based flavors—coupled with modern, automated production like a high-speed packaging line for glass bottles—makes what we do very unique.”

The distillery, located in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles, offers tours and tastings. For more information on their private label capabilities, please email

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