FOND Bone Broth Sends a Message in a Jar

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When Alysa Seeland founded FOND Bone Broth, she did it with a personal purpose and mission. FOND products are carefully crafted—with every ingredient, process, and packaging material meticulously chosen with branding, sustainability, and usability in mind. 

FOND makes ready-to-sip, organic chicken and beef bone broth tonics that combine pasture-raised protein with fresh herbs and botanicals to nourish the body and delight the palate. 

The female-founded, female-led company is at a pivotal point in the brand’s trajectory. FOND recently capped a momentous year of milestones by becoming the fastest growing shelf-stable brand in the natural bone broth category. In 2021, the company introduced a new line of organic pasture-raised beef bone broths, launched four additional SKUs, and grew its retail presence from 800 to 1,700 stores. According to SPINS, a wellness-focused data company and advocate for the Natural Products Industry, FOND was the number two brand driving growth in the natural bone broth category, which saw a 56% YoY increase in 2021 as well. 

As a growing and maturing company, FOND recently went through a rebranding process with the help of Helms Workshop. Part of any consumer packaged goods (CPG) rebrand is an overhaul of product packaging and labels. Helms connected the FOND team with Labeltronix because they knew we had the experience to help craft the labels that would show off FOND’s story on shelves and online.

The entire product package—from the jar and lid to the label and bulk packaging—was obsessed over. They chose glass jars because they convey quality and prevent leaching of any kind into the broths; a durable adhesive to keep the label secure; paper that’s hard to tear; and a gold finish that projects quality and reminds you not to put it in the microwave.

“We took a lot of inspiration from the principles of wine labeling,” said Seeland. “Labeltronix understood our vision right away and was able to help us bring it to life.”

There were several goals to think through with the new labels:

  • Durability - The label needs to hold up (not peel, bubble, or run) when broth spills on it
  • Beauty - Catch the female shopper’s eyes and make her feel positive before even trying the product
  • Sustainability - Use thoughtful materials and create a package that can be reused
  • Sensory Experience - Convey the product’s quality with material, imagery, and finishes

FOND, Helms, and Labeltronix worked together to craft beautiful labels. In fact, many customers consider FOND Bone Broth jars works of art.

Loyal fans of the product want to collect jars for every flavor. Many find ways to upcycle the containers by storing other goods, planting herbs, keeping leftovers and more.

“The label helps extend the shelf life of the package,” said Seeland. “The FOND brand can continue to impact consumers beyond a single use, which is great for sustainability and for sharing FOND with friends.”

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The FOND Bone Broth labels are catching eyes on the retail shelves and online (thanks to carefully built renderings). You can order FOND Bone Broth online or see if the brand’s ready-to-sip bone broth tonics are stocked in a retailer near you. See (and feel!) the labels for yourself, and try the flavor-infused organic bone broths that are taking the market by storm. 

If you’re working on a new brand for your product or just need a premium label for your premium products, let’s talk.

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