A Few Words for the Northern California Wine Industry

We are at a loss for words and devastated to see what is going on with our friends, family, colleagues, and customers in the North Bay. It is unreal, and far from over.

Even so, with every update, we are reminded of great and selfless acts of human kindness. Many shelters and aid stations report that they have reached volunteer and supply capacity thanks to countless time and material donations. Fire, EMS, and police from all over have worked tirelessly to save lives and protect homes and businesses. Neighbors everywhere are helping neighbors, and people from surrounding areas are opening up their homes to those in need without hesitation.

We are incredibly moved by the rally of community spirit and the outpouring of support for those who need it most in the face of overwhelming loss.

Please consider joining us in our commitment to help with donations to the following: North Bay Fire Relief and The Redwood Empire Food Bank.


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