Spot Varnish

Excitement Builds With the "High Build" Effect!

Make a splash with the "high build" process of screen printing to attract more attention to your labels than ever before. The final result appeals to both the eye - and the feel - of the label for consumers scanning cluttered shelves.

To get this dramatic effect, Labeltronix uses screen technology to apply layer upon layer of thick ink to just the right parts of a label. The fast-drying liquid continues to build with each pass of the press, making words or graphics literally "pop."

Glossy ink is often the first choice to add the highest sheen to the label's look and feel. Other options include satin or matte embellishments for a "high build" impact.

Designers work with our printing experts to determine which areas of their labels are most likely to benefit most from applying ink to just the right spots.

Ask us for a consultation on this exciting new "high build" opportunity to get the maximum impact for your labels.

Watch the High Build Process in Action