Flexo Labels

Flexo Awards

Imagine your labels conveying the value of your wine's brand with a beauty and clarity that is unprecedented

  • Our Flexo printing quality has advanced to offset - the highest standard in the printing industry - on every order we take.
  • We are the first - and only - label printing business in the country capable of delivering this premium quality on every order, every day.
  • Our insistence on top quality is reflected in the awards we win for wine labels from the Flexographic Technical Association.

What does HD Flexo mean to you and your products?

Revolutionary Quality

HD Flexo revolutionizes flexo printing by using digital plates, which minimize the set-up process and deliver the highest resolution available.  Color consistency is ensured throughout the initial print run and on repeat jobs, because all digital settings are stored in a computer-database.

Achieve Excellence

Create elegant-looking labels with endless possibilities by choosing from an array of materials.  Get to market faster when printing longer runs with HD Flexo, because minimal steps are required for set-up and HD Flexo offers speedier turnaround times than most conventional presses.

Exceptional Guidance

Our label consultants will guide you through the process, from development to execution. Their expertise will help you select the best materials for your application, along with the right face stocks, inks, adhesives, and topcoats.