Many high-end labels distinguish themselves in the finishing processes by adding foil & emboss to produce these impressive results

We use the best finishing methods that give your label high impact:

  • Multiple foil color options such as blue and gold foil on the same label
  • Emboss and de-bossing
  • Sculptured embossing via flat-bed technology
  • Tighter registration to produce more elegant label design work
  • Several varnish finishes for a distinctive look and feel
  • Lamination and sheeting
  • Unique die shapes and sizes

Labeltronix has recently installed multiple machines to add capacity to their Lean Labeling® operation. The latest investment was another press that is very specialized and unique to the labeling industry. We acquired it to accommodate our customers growth. By investing in our new presses, we can print more elegant label designs using several foil colors, with embossing and de-bossing and multiple varnish finishes.

Our finishing will take your labels to the next level in capturing consumers attention.

Get that Specialized Look and Feel

We offer metallic paper, which can be used to substitute a need for a foil plate, and we print directly onto the label creating a metallic look with any color imaginable. Contact us today to receive a free sample pack of foil & emboss label samples.