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MLB™ Wine Labels a Grand Slam from Labeltronix

mlb wines

Baseball fans who want to enjoy wine in honor of their favorite pastime can now find bottles with MLB™ team logos on premium labels printed by Labeltronix.

Through an agreement with Wines by Design, a California lifestyle company that brands wine for businesses, Labeltronix is printing labels for the Yankees, Brewers, Pirates, White Sox, Red Sox and Indians during the 2017 baseball season.

“We’re really happy with how well Labeltronix has taken some of the most beloved brands in baseball, and made them so appealing to the fans in such a unique way,” said Jenny Eckart of Wines by Design, the Napa Valley and New York City-based marketing and management agency.

Our first collaboration with Wines by Design came when we printed a commemorative label for an NFL team that won a Super Bowl. For that special project, we created a label with a raised quality giving it a football texture.

Now, we’ve tapped into the MLB™ vibe.

For instance, the Labeltronix team used embossing on the New York Yankees’ labels to match the background of their iconic jerseys.

“These wine labels are all uniquely created to keep the team brand integrity intact, while adding certain elements to make them as irresistible to fans as their teams are,” says Labeltronix General Manager, Shawn Plunkett. “We’re very happy with the results on jobs like these, always with the plan to increase shelf appeal.”

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