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Can Label Design: Communicating Product and Package Sustainability

Aluminum cans have become a container of choice among beverage producers, especially canned wine, craft beer, and ready-to-drink cocktails.  Aluminum cans have a long, unique life cycle that’s relatively sustainable, but there’s a lot to think about when creating can labels to make sure this remains true.  Aluminum Can Recycling is Good for the Environment…
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Forget the Flat: Take Your Label Designs into 3D

When we talk about labels, the way they look is the first thing that springs to mind. We need our labels to stand out, pop, attract as many eyeballs as possible—in short, complement our packaging and support our sales. However, there is more than just how a label looks. Tactile feel also plays an important…
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What Influences Custom Label Costs and How to Budget Appropriately

As a producer of packaged goods, you’re definitely familiar with calculating the cost of everything that goes into manufacturing and selling your product. There are often dozens of tiny costs that add up, from labor and materials of manufacturing the product itself to packaging, labeling, and marketing. Out of these, let’s talk about the cost…
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Holographic Labels for Consumer Products: Why and How to Use Them

Increase in competition for consumer products—from wine, craft beer, and spirits to supplements and cannabis products—is making a product’s label ever-more important to helping it stand out and prevent copycats.  Premium brands need to look great on shelves (and online) and help assure customers that they’re purchasing the real deal. Achieving this with your packaging…
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