5 Ways to Make Your Cannabis Label Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your Cannabis Label Stand Out

You have mere seconds to capture a consumer’s attention to get them to notice your product, pick it up, and ultimately purchase. In an ever-growing sea of cannabis and CBD product options—both at in-person retailers and online—how do you make your label stand out? 

The label on your product can have a significant impact on purchases. A consumer has to like your label before they’ll pick it up (or, for online sales, click) and ultimately purchase. Your label does a lot of heavy lifting, both in terms of branding and providing information the consumer needs.

Here are our tips for creating a cannabis label that stands out.

1. Use Color to Catch Eyes

We’re not saying you have to have a rainbow of colors on your label. On the contrary, dark, seductive designs can capture as much attention as bright, flamboyant looks. 

The blend of colors on your label have to be as well-thought-out as the product inside the container. Everything works together to create a visual experience that serves as the first attention-grabbing step in the buying journey. 

For example, Outco uses colors to stand out and show different varieties of its products.

colorful cannabis label

Again, using color doesn’t mean you have to go bright or go home. Dark, unstated colors can have just as big of an impact, when done right. 

simple cannabis label

2. Get Tactile so Customers Can “Feel” Your Product

Cannabis purchase decisions aren’t just about sight, it’s also about feel. Take your label into 3D with textures and tactile varnishes that give that “oh wow” impression as a buyer is making their decision. 

With our wide range of finishing capabilities, you can customize the feeling of your label almost as much as you customize the products within. Add embossing, stamping, varnish, or more to get the buyer’s senses involved in the experience.

The CAM label uses a hot stamping foil finish to really let the product shine.

cannabis label foil finish

3. Give Peace of Mind With Security Features

Cannabis labels are required to follow certain regulations and standards. Adding security labeling helps meet these requirements and give consumers peace of mind. 

Add a tab or double tab, tamper-evident features, and more.

cannabis security label

4. Obsessively Align With Your Brand

You’ve heard the importance of branding your company and products. When you build loyal customers, they should be able to immediately pick out your label from a crowd. To make that happen, your label needs to integrate consistent brand elements and use small details to share your brand story. 

For example, if part of your brand is being green/eco-friendly, you can use recycled paper to stay on-brand. If your brand is goofy and off-the-wall, you can use colors and textures to show that personality. If you’re more serious, conveying a high-end taste, you can do that with dark colors, gold finishes, and clean fonts.

When you see a Body Hemp product, you know it’s a Body Hemp product. They use colors, shapes, and other branding elements to create a family branding look.

branded cannabis labels

5. Partner With a Cannabis Label Expert

You’re the cannabis experts, we’re the label experts. There are endless options for making your label stand out. You’ll get the best results if you partner with a designer and a cannabis label printer that knows the challenges and needs of the industry. 

When you work with Labeltronix, you get more than a label printer. You get a partner. We help brainstorm and create labels that help tell your story and catch eyes on the shelves (or the ecommerce screens). We love working with cannabis brands in the early stages of label design to build a work of art worthy of your products.

Do you want to make your cannabis label stand out? Talk with one of our label experts to brainstorm how to bring your vision to life. 

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