5 label tips to boost your craft beer brand

Boosting the power of your brand can be accomplished with simple decisions you make about your labels. Consider these five ways to get more brand power out of the labels that introduce the world to your products. We recommend choosing one or two to see what a difference they can make in attracting and keeping consumer attention.

  • No 1: Differentiate with shiny materials. Make the most of the light all around us by choosing a material that will stand out because it shimmers. Our AVA Series is perfect for this purpose.
  • No 2: Select unique die cuts. The world is not uniform. A uniquely die-cut label can show how your wine doesn't conform, and that what's inside the bottle is special, too. Labeltronix offers many dies or can create custom dies.
  • No 3: Be relevant. Digital printing gives you the flexibility to stay current and relevant. It's quick to respond to changes you want to make. Whether you're tapping into a seasonal interest, a cause, or a trending interest, you can change a label with the times to attract interest.
  • No 4: Be exclusive. One-of-a-kind is appealing. It makes consumers feel special to be one of few rather than one of the thousands. Adding bottle numbers for a specialty blend conveys exclusivity, and is easy with digital printing.
  • No 5: Be intriguing. Adding mystery to your label is alluring. It makes consumers want to buy it to find out what's inside, and how it will enhance their evening. Our black Midnight Vellum is intriguing, durable and scuff-proof as well.

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