Forget the Flat: Take Your Label Designs into 3D

Labeltronix 3D Labels

When we talk about labels, the way they look is the first thing that springs to mind. We need our labels to stand out, pop, attract as many eyeballs as possible—in short, complement our packaging and support our sales.

However, there is more than just how a label looks. Tactile feel also plays an important role in how a label can communicate about your brand and product. The way a label feels—from the paper and ink to embossed elements and finishes—can completely change the game.

Taking your labels into 3D, and going beyond a flat label, is an excellent way to make your labels truly stand out. Let’s take a look at how you can add 3D elements and why you should consider doing so.

What Are 3D Labels?

3D labels are a way to give volume and texture to a product’s presentation. By using specific printing techniques, you can achieve more than stunning looks: you can give your customers ways to interact with your labels in more ways than one.

While 3D labels have nothing to do with a 3D movie, for instance, they do add an extra dimension to your product. With textured finishes and unique materials you can help create an experience for your customer before they even open the package.

Why Should You Consider 3D Labels?

In crowded consumer markets like wine, craft beer, health and beauty, and more, any little difference matters when it comes to catching consumers’ eyes. Tactile labels can help your product stand out from the crowd, adding a luxurious or high-tech feel that make buyers want to try and share them.

Think about products in a retail environment. When one catches your eye and you choose to pick it up, imagine how a raised embossed element or a textured paper would feel in your hands. These elements are also often visually appealing, both on the shelves and online, helping bring all the senses to life. 

How Can You Get 3D Labels?

There is no single printing process that’s specific to 3D labels. There are several printing techniques that you can use to get a 3D effect. Three of the processes we use at Labetronix are:

1. Soft Touch Varnish

Through soft touch varnish, your customer can feel the label. This technique adds an extra-smooth finish to your labels and a touch of luxury.

We usually recommend it for high-end products, like wine. For an extra luxurious and tactile experience, you can combine soft touch varnish with embossing or hot stamping.

Not sure how this technique looks and feels like? We’d be happy to show you! Order a sensory sample here!

2. Spot Varnish

Spot varnish uses a technology called screen printing to help your labels stand out on cluttered shelves. Screen printing adds layer upon layer of thick ink to the right parts of the label. The fast-drying ink layers build up with each pass of the press, which makes graphics or words literally “pop” on your labels.

Typically, glossy ink is used for the last layer of ink to add a smooth look and feel, but you can also opt for satin or matte embellishments. 

Our labeling consultants are happy to work with your designers to determine which areas of your labels are best suited for this technique and where spot varnish would have the biggest impact.

Talk to a labeling expert about spot varnish and other options for your 3D labels!

3. Embossing

Embossing is a printing technique that presses specific designs into a label to make them literally stand out from the rest of the label’s flat design. Embossing is very popular and it’s typically used on labels for wine, beer, health and beauty, pet product labels, and more—you may have even seen (and felt!) it on book covers.

Want to get more striking results than what “regular” embossing can offer? We’ve got you covered with a variety of embossing techniques and options:

  • Multiple foil colors on the same label
  • Emboss and debossing
  • Unique die shapes
  • Sculptured embossing using the flat-bed technology
  • Various varnish finishes to help you get a unique look and feel
  • Lamination
  • Sheeting
  • Metallic paper used as a substitute for foil plate

Want more information about 3D labels or more options to make your labels pop? We’d love to hear about your plans, so drop us a line or give us a call any time.

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