Brand Spotlight: UNITY – Individual Voices Join Together

UNITY_302Created to celebrate innovation, this Tart Saison exemplifies what the LA Brewers Guild is known for: the UNITY as individual voices join together. This community believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that everybody benefits as they raise the bar together. Brewed in collaboration at Smog City Brewing, this year’s Unity commemorates LA Beer Week 7, which promotes and celebrates the growth of the craft beer culture in Los Angeles

As a sponsor of LA Beer Week, Labeltronix contributed to the community by donating the official label. UNITY is printed on our Arctic Shield Felt, a waterproof solution that keeps the label intact when the beer is submerged in ice. This material allows a brand to shine no matter how wet the label gets.

“My inspiration for this year’s label was the City of LA and its exploding love and appreciation for the craft of quality beer and food. I wanted to celebrate the adventurous and artful community that surrounds the LA Beer and food industry.

Through my own experimenting, the design became this homage to LA and the beer brewing process. It layers street maps, yeast illustrations and the chemical formulas of alcohol in an experimental design layout that was crafted by a mix of hand and computer. Seeing the final outcome of my experiment on the Arctic Shield Felt material made me happy with how UNITY came together.” - Ryan Cochran, Designer

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