Hitting the Millennial Sweet Spot with Vino and Humor

Keep your friends close and your glass of wine closer.

I drink a glass of wine every day in the hopes of living longer to drink more wine.

Do you want some wine with these primo Someecard messages?

That's the idea behind SomeWine, the perfect pairing of Someecards which is the #1 social media brand in America and the 1026 Beverage Co.

The partnership is marketing four types of wines with label messages like the ones above.

Little wonder that 97 million+ consumers interact with the Someecard brand every month via social media. Produced by a cadre of comedy writers and artists, Someecards are so popular because they're so funny.

And most of their appeal is in the highly desirable demographic of the 21- to 38-year-old millennials who now account for over a third of the wine consumed in the U.S.

Translating the E-Cards into Real Labels

Labeltronix played a major role in making the labels for S2014-Chardonnay-bottleomeWine reach the millennial crowd and get their message across with just the right flair.

It wasn't an easy assignment, says Tom Lynch, a partner with 1026 Beverage Co.

For one thing, the cards are flat, but the bottle is round, so the full label is not as easy to see completely as it is on a flat card, Lynch explained.

Another challenge was translating the colors for the cards from what's perfect for the web to what works in print. These colors are much simpler to create for the screen than print, he said.

Labeltronix helped us find a balance between the starkness of the colors, the thin font used for the words in the messaging, and the contrast needed to make them pop, said Lynch.

That had to be done each time as each label is a different color, which Lynch called an added challenge. Digital printing allows that kind of customization.

Finally, the Labeltronix team worked with 1026 to figure out how to incorporate all the wine-related information without detracting from the overall effect.

Through this process, from color testing to proofing, and more, Labeltronix was a really efficient and helpful partner, Lynch said.

The brand has grown extremely fast since our launch, and it has been great to have a label print partner that we can count on to make the printing process easy, quick, and cost-effective, he said.

1026 also believes in giving back. The company is committed to making a difference, so donates 1% of proceeds to non-profits through 1% for the Planet.

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