Meet the Designer: Studio Kasai

st_kasai3I am a freelance designer out of San Luis Obispo, CA with a small studio downtown. I work with local clients as well as clients from all over the nation on websites, graphic design and brand refreshes.

I have done all kinds of labels with Labeltronix, from shampoo and soaps to supplements, spirits and wine! I do mostly label redesigns where I help clients that already have a label, but need it to be crisp, print ready and come out in high resolution. However, my favorite projects are where I get to make the label myself and start the design, from concept to print.

From Concept to Reality

One of the label series I have done was a wine label for several varietals for Olive Ridge Winery. I was able to bring their concept of the Olive tree into a modern example of bright color and metallic shine against a clean background. The modern font and simple concept created a pop that draws your eye to the brand and makes a statement on the shelf. It appeals to a wide demographic of wine drinkers and makes you want to pick it up and look at the back. Once they have it in their hand its most likely it will go in the cart! I worked with Jeremy Bautista on paper selection, the metallic embellishment and finishing the product. The client and his staff were very excited and pleased with the outcome and I was proud to be a part of the project.

Coming from a wine industry background in Paso Robles, CA, I have a good insider’s view on what customers want in the tasting room and what they think is a worthy label! I keep my ear to wine country as a local and I feel as a wine drinker myself and an artist, too many great wines are passed up because of their label representation. It is good to cater to your loyal customers and wine club members but it is also good to have new wines, new artwork, and a great label printer to create value in your product and show that you are savvy to the wine drinker of today.

My Three Main Attributes

I am proud of as a designer are communication, efficiency and working outside the box to make sure things work. I am a fine artist by talent, a designer by trade and a marketing mind by experience, so with those traits I am able to do my best for both the client and the product outcome.

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with Labeltronix and have seen the high quality and mastery of their print work. I like working with a company that is professional, has the client’s best interest at heart and believes in their product and mission.

My Process

I contact the client after I get the lead on the project, I go over an estimate of pricing, time and delivery date. Once they send me a file I can actually work with, or ideas on what they want as a concept I get to work. I either start editing and pick a part the low res images, recreate artwork, redo font and type, readjust sizing, or whatever needs to be done to make a quality product. If it is a concept I work
on the initial sketches and send them for client review.

Once I have approval for the edits, or concept, I create a clean and print ready version for final approval for the client. Then I send the approved version with print instructions to Labeltronix for ‘print approval’. That is when I know if I need to make any minor size or layer adjustments, send the font files over, etc.

Once you have it all it is ready for print you take it from there! Original files are always sent for any future needs.

Kat Bent-Slay
Owner & Designer

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