How do Foils and Finishes impact Sales?

total-fixation-duration-300x173Ever heard the term “High-Visibility Enhancement”, AOI’s or AOA’s, Time to First Fixation or Fixation Duration? The November/December 2014 issue of Inside Finishing Magazine has the latest research on those very subjects. And for those of us who are in the packaging and label industry it’s well worth the read.

The Foil & Specialty Effects Association commissioned a study in 2013 to study and scientifically validate the effects and the use of “High-Visibility Enhancements” such as hot and cold foil stamping, embossing and finishes on product packaging and labels.

Participants had a significant longer total fixation duration on the foil stamped packaging

The purpose of the study was to evaluate and track the effects of high-visibility enhancements such as foil stamping and or Specialty coatings to see if it would increase the consumers attention to the product when compared to that same product without any type of enhancements. Special Tobii glasses were worn that tracked pupil movements at 30fps (frames per second) while recording the viewed scene with a forward-facing camera. Each participant was instructed to shop as they normally would and when ready to make a selection were to write the product code on their shopping list. When finished they exited the shop and filled out a brief online survey.

For more on this study go to the FSEA website to view the online article, or request the full whitepaper from FSEA.

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