Holiday Packaging… Is it “All That?”

Christmas may well be over but it is a New Year, with plenty of opportunities to customize your product for that special Valentine, to flash a bit o’ green, or celebrate our nation’s birth, to name a few.

The NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 issue of Package Design magazine printed an article by Amy Graver titled “Designing Holiday Packaging”. It features successful use of color, style and design in eye catching product packaging to encourage a spontaneous purchase. We gravitate to those traditional reds and greens, but what about after the window of opportunity has passed? What do you do to avoid holiday kleenexthat excess inventory?

Excess inventory was just what they wanted to avoid for the packaging of Sparkle Bark. Scraping traditional colors and iconic images they instead, used colors, tins and fonts that were reflected in their products. The results were so successful that it has become a year round product line.

Another example of innovative holiday packaging was Tea-rrific! Ice Cream. Whole Foods, was skeptical that Tea-rrific! could sell the number of units they had on schedule to purchase. So, tearifficthe ice cream company found a design solution, that cut waste, saved money and gave longer shelf life to their product. They used a wrap-around label with their iconic tea leaf pattern, and a winter design which sold well beyond the holidays.

With all of the advances in digital printing, there is the ability to individualize each and every printed product coming off the line. It is an advantageous time to consider package designs that capitalize on holiday purchasing. Why stop at the New Year when considering specialized packaging. There are countless ways to consider “purchase with a purpose” or “support a cause”, types of packaging. “Wounded Warriors”, and “Susan G. Komen Race for A Cure” contribute a portion of product sales, as another kind of seasonal opportunity.

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