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These long sunny days at the start of summer call for Rose, Riesling, or a bit of bubbly - and labels that sparkle along with them.

Whatever varietal you're labeling this season, we have some stand-out ideas about how to:

Let us help maximize the impact of your labels, so you can go off and enjoy every minute of those long, lovely days of summer.


Bill Huey


"Summer" and "shimmer" go hand in hand, as the sun adds a certain glow to the landscape. Our AVA Series of label materials evokes just this kind of magical light, shimmering as though touched by California's gorgeous sunshine. More and more of our customers are taking advantage of these gloriously enriching label materials. Request your samples today, then show your designer to see how they might enhance the look on your next varietal.


What constitutes a bad or ugly wine label? Critic Paul Gregutt, writing in Wine Enthusiast, lists what we'll call the 7 deadly sins of poor wine labeling. Among them: Cheap paper. Blurred images. Incompatible colors. He also defines what makes a good label: it's aesthetically pleasing, clearly displays relevant information, and reflects the regional style. See if you agree with this critic's take on wine labeling, and let us know how we can help with yours.


Q: Is there anything science tells us about how we should design labels?

A: We know that wine labeling is both art and science - and a recent study that used eye-tracking technology on "novice" wine drinkers showed how these two merge in decision making about wine buying. The bottom line: "…the longer someone looked at a label, the greater the chance that individual would prefer (and potentially purchase) that bottle of wine," according to Academic Wino. Art matters. And, the more attractive a label appeared to be in the eyes of study participants, the higher the price associated with that bottle. If you're inspired to make changes to your labels, we can help.



Bill Huey

Bill Huey
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