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"March Madness" means more than NCAA brackets here at Labeltronix. For us, it's also a super busy season, with the press humming and our production staff in overdrive.

That's why we especially love taking a break for basketball—to honor HoopStars! This year, we created team banners for these special players, and we're in the stands to cheer them all season long!

As for your team in March, we have news about:

Reach out if we can help with a new project.

Here's hoping you're enjoying March!

Bill Huey


Studies show that, when a consumer picks up a wine bottle and feels the label, that wine is 70% more likely to make it into the shopping cart. Now, Labeltronix is offering an embellishment to enhance that tactile experience. Called Soft Touch, it is a matte varnish that exudes elegance and appeals to the senses. Request a super sensory sample today!


A distinctive jet-black bottle calls for a label to convey that the spirits inside are luxurious. Carbonadi challenged Labeltronix to make that statement for its signature vodka. We presented a variety of options, and Carbonadi ultimately chose a luminescent material and European Gold foil.

"Absolutely everyone loves it," says Richard Miller, Carbonadi's CEO. Most important: his customers do. Request a sample of our shimmery--and inspiring--AVA labels.


Q: I want to update some of my brands to hit the millennial market. What do I need to take into account?

A: Take a look at your red blends. That's where those millennials are hanging out these days. Younger consumers place their palates in the hands of the large wine companies who take good bulk juice and make interesting, though not distinctive, blends, says Rob McMillan, founder of the Silicon Valley Bank's Wine Division. Also, take a look at some of the trends in packaging: Textured stock, intricate die cuts, and multiple labels. Ready to combine a packaging trend with a red blend? Contact us. We can help!



Bill Huey

Bill Huey
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We Salute HoopStars!