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Beer chilled! Brackets set! TV on! It's a boom time for beer consumption—but March Madness also brings us one month closer to hopefully seeing you at the Craft Beer Conference—which will be our April highlight.

Before we go to D.C. for CBC, we're taking a break to cheer on a basketball cause that's near and dear to our hearts: the amazing HoopStars! This year, we created team banners for these special SoCal players, and we're in the stands to cheer them on all season long!

As for your company, we're cheering you and your brew with news about:

Reach out if we can help with a new project. Here's hoping you're enjoying March!

Frank Sanchez

P.S. Don't forget to put us on your show planner—and we'll show you how Labeltronix can maximize your brand on your bottles and cans!


Moisture can sink labels. So how can a label retain its look and appeal in moist and wet environments, without getting wrinkles and bubbles? Many of you have asked about this challenge, and now we have a solution—a new and improved adhesive for all of our paper label materials. This new adhesive blend creates a permanent bond with the bottle. It inhibits water absorption and doesn't cause defects when the paper gets wet.

You can be confident that your bottle will look its best without having to use a film/paper combination, or special coatings at high costs. Get a label that both looks good and functions well for your customers.

Working on a project and want to see label materials? Contact us today to get our material swatch guide.


When Macleod Ale Brewing Co. first brewed their new Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout, they knew they wanted a different and unique look. Luckily, Labeltronix just recently brought on a new material, Cobblestone, and knew that this would be a perfect fit for them. "The paper was a perfect selection to convey the special quality of the barrel-aged beer inside the bottle! Even though we didn't use any other effects, such as metallic, embossing, spot varnish etc, the paper conveyed a quality product," Jennifer Febre of MacLeod said.

"The labels applied beautifully!"

Want to try something new and different for your next brew? Request samples today!


Q: I'm looking for a new embellishment to add to my label. What would be cool?

A: Studies show that, when a consumer picks up a wine bottle and feels the label, that wine is 70% more likely to make it into the shopping cart. Now, Labeltronix is offering an embellishment to enhance that tactile experience. Called Soft Touch, it is a matte varnish that exudes elegance and appeals to the senses. Request a super sensory sample today!



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