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These long, sunny summer days call for Golden Wheat, Blonde Ale, or a Saison - and labels that sparkle along with them.

Whatever brew you're labeling this season, we have stand-out ideas about how to:

Make this summer count, by counting on Labeltronix for your labeling.


Frank Sanchez


"Summer" and "shimmer" go hand in hand, as the sun adds a certain glow to the landscape. Our AVA Series of label materials evokes just this kind of magical light, shimmering as though touched by California's gorgeous sunshine. More and more of our customers are taking advantage of these enriching label materials. Request your samples today, then ask your designer how these might work for you.


Packaging Strategies unpacks craft beer's global impact, and why your story should be the center of all your packaging. For your brand to be effective and memorable, your labeling needs to convey your story. Check out this article on the importance of branding. If you want help in boosting the power of your story, give us a shout.


Q: I know how important shelf appeal is, but how do I know what factors are most important in creating it?

A: Great question! We love how Kurz Graphics depicted what matters most in this image. The label's center design is at the top of the list. In fact, labeling plays a role in virtually all of these - even the factors that look "less label-centric." For example, be sure people can quickly identify the production source on the label, and understand whether it's modern or traditional. We can help you cover all your "shelf appeal" bases. Ask us how.



Frank Sanchez

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