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Whatever team you rooted for in Sunday's big game, you have to admit it was long on excitement. That's how we felt about seeing so many of our customer "family" at Unified Wine last month—really, our version of thrilling!

This month, we bring you some super news of our own:

Let's keep the "super" going for the rest of 2017.


Cherice Manning


Marvelous materials, that's what's new! You now have a chance to choose from 3 new materials—White Motif, 100% Cotton, and 100% Recycled Vellum. Each one adds a special texture, look and quality to our palette of offerings. We invite you to ask for samples so you can see, touch, and imagine how these materials can contribute to your own unique wine label—including a choice that environmentally conscious without that telltale "recycled look."


You can celebrate magnificent moments for sports fans with your wine. That's what the Colts are doing this year, to mark the 10th anniversary of their Super Bowl-winning team. Labeltronix customized an embossing plate to create a "football texture" for this very special label. What outstanding team—or special occasion in a specific region, or anywhere USA—might call for a special label? Ask for a sample of this label to get a bolt of inspiration.


Q: We're trying to reach different segments of the wine audience. Can you help with labels?

A: Definitely! According to the "Wine Industry Insight Report," as Baby Boomers are retiring, their loyalty to higher-priced wine is being replaced by millennials, who have less to spend on wine and are somewhat less committed to wine as their "go to" alcohol choice. We know how to help with paper selection and embellishments that attract different demographics of people—and price points. Ask for a consultation, and we'll show you what we mean.

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