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It's almost Halloween, and we're treating you to some ideas for the changing landscape of wine labeling.

Enjoy these sweet tidbits:

If you're contemplating some changes to your labeling, please give me a call. I'd love to help.

And, Happy Halloween!
Bill Huey


Have you ever looked at trends in the wine industry, then looked at your labels and thought: "It's time for a rebrand"? That's what the owners of Deerhammer Distilling Company did in the spirits industry. Distiller Lenny Eckstein, who is also a graphic designer, took his approach to rebranding very seriously, and was surprised at the results his Rocky Mountain whiskey got from its new labels. Read on to see why.


Black labels are in - and not just this time of year. That's the latest word from Wines & Vines, which says black and deep-colored labels are trending with package designers, suppliers and clients. The magazine takes a deep dive into the world of dark labels in its latest issue. Our Midnight Vellum is a black, high-quality face stock that is alluring, strong and scuff-proof. Request a sample now!


Q: How do I take my label to the next level?

A: Why not consider our newest line of label materials, the unique and eye-catching AVA Series that will make your wine shine to consumers? Our AVA labels shimmer as though touched by California's gorgeous sunshine. Learn more about how these papers can tell your story. Request your free samples today.



Bill Huey

Bill Huey
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