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You're among the blessings we count during the holiday seasons -- and year-round, too. Thank you for blessing the world with wine, and thank you for working with us on labels!

For our news this month, we're zeroing in on:

If you have any new projects you'd like to explore, please reach out. Hope to see you December 1st.

Bill Huey


We're heading up to Santa Rosa on December 1st for the North Coast Wine Expo, and hope to see you there! Join us at Booth #323 to learn all about how Labeltronix can help tell your story with our Lean Labeling, our unique materials and award-winning printing capabilities. Let me know if we can set up an appointment now for the show!


Do wine labels make a difference? Well, millennials are 4x more likely to buy a wine based on the label than Baby Boomers are, according to a Gallo Wine Trends survey. And ah, those millennials - they drank 42% of the wine consumed in the U.S. last year. So, yes you can get more sales with a better-designed, more appealing label. These, and other fun facts, can be found in the Eater article, "Wine Label Design Is More Important Than You Think." We tend to agree!


Q: At what point should we get Labeltronix involved in the design of the label?

A: In our experience, it's best if your designer contacts us as early as possible in the planning stage. That way, we can give guidance on selecting the right label material and recommend the appropriate embellishments - like embossing and hot stamping. Download Artwork Guide for your guidance.



Bill Huey

Bill Huey
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