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"To the holidays - all 365 of them!"

That's the kind of toast we can get behind. We've loved launching so many seasonals this year with special labels, and look forward to being there for you the other 350 days, too. Let's get started with our news:

Call if we can help with a new label die, or any label need. In the meantime, happy brewing.


Frank Sanchez


Nearly every beer bottle comes with a traditional rectangular label. A special die cut changes all that. If you want to make your beer really stand out on the shelves in the crowded marketplace, we have an incentive: From now until December 31st, Labeltronix is offering a free die* on your first special die order with us! That's is the time to think outside the box. Throw the wrap-around label and standard rectangular label out the window. Contact me today to get started.


When designer Warren Cathro, of Thro Creative, asked us to help him make the label pop for Fernet Michaud's Liquid Riot labels, we knew exactly what to do - recommending the best material and where to add embellishments for maximum effect. Our California-to-Maine collaboration was a big hit! And the end result was a home run!

"Labels came in yesterday and we are ecstatic! They just look and feel spectacular. You all really knocked it out of the park with this one. Well done!" Eric Michaud, President.

We're ready to go to bat for you. Give me a call or shoot an email about your next project.


Q: I want foil on my label, but don't want to pay for the plates to get it. What can I do?

A: We understand why you might want to avoid hot or cold foil stamping, which can be pricier than other options. You can get the "foil look" you're looking for when we use metalized silver material. It allows you the flexibility to transform almost any colors you'd like to show off as metallic for "each" intended design (aside from Black and White) without the costs of actual foil plates. If you'd also like to see some of these in real time, or get our suggestions for your projects, just ask so we can help with that next release or maybe even that full re-branding you've been thinking about!



Frank Sanchez

Frank Sanchez
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