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It's July - and we're striking an independence theme for spirits this month. You'll find news about:

We're proud to support distillers in California trying to get the same "tasting room rights" as those in other states. If you have a project you could use our support on, please reach out.

In the spirit of independence,
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Your cause is our cause. It's time California distilleries enjoyed the same tasting room privileges that other states permit. We were alerted to this issue by one our valued customers, Greenbar Craft Distillery, and donated to the cause supporting the bill that the California Artisnal Distillers Guild is pushing to get the same tasting room privileges that virtually all other states have granted their distilleries. Those rights include on-site bottle sales, full-tasting room rights, on-site bar/restaurant and two off-site bars/restaurants, along with a slew of private event hosting rights with full-service bars. We are proud to have donated to this cause and look forward to seeing more distilleries selling their crafted spirits with beautiful looking labels.


Ready for some wine industry inspiration? Real Picture Research recently studied a trend for bold and bizarre wine labels. Wine Industry Advisor reported on the results: "… you may strike gold by directing your label designer to develop some more bold, bizarre, daring, macabre, unusual, weird or wacky designs in your next label design program."

Chateau Diana did just that with Zombie Zin Zinfandel and its attention-grabbing label, which is digitally printed on Classic Crest wine stock to highlight the details of the artwork. A sculptured emboss gives depth and multilevel effects to the image, while a spot gloss varnish applied to certain parts of the label makes it "pop" in an eye-catching, blood-curdling way. Ready to try something -- well -- unconventional? Ask us how we can make it sensational.


Q: What are the latest mandates from the TTB that I need to be aware of?

A: A sea change is coming, and you need to be aware of it. The TTB is on the verge of considering major problems with today's spirits labeling, and will be issuing new mandates. But first, you will have an opportunity to weigh in by adding your comments online - as will the American Craft Spirits Association and other organizations - when the TTB opens a 120-day comment period this fall. Eater explains the hot topics as:

1) A "Distilled By" requirement
2) Figuring out this whole "craft" thing
3) "Small Batch," "Handmade," "Handcrafted"
4) American Single Malts
5) Barrel Aged Gin
6) Tax Rates
7) Label approval speed and process
8) Compliance

Want to know more? You can see what will be up for change here:

And read Eater's article for more insights about the issues at hand and the process for new mandates.



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