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It's hot, hot, hot this summer - and we've got some hot news to go with the high temps:

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Frank Sanchez


Did you know that a label disclosure controversy is brewing? Large breweries are planning to put detailed information about ingredients, calorie counts, and other consumer-friendly information on their labels. But some craft breweries want to make the move more slowly.

Read our blog post about the issue, and take our poll to let us know what you think about how much info craft brewers should be required to disclose on labels.


Thinking of a "bold, bizarre, daring, macabre, weird or wacky" label this Halloween - or any time? Researchers have found out that this combo works well - even for wine. They tested consumers' responses to five wine labels that a writer had called the "coolest" of 2015. Reporting in Wine Industry Advisor, the Real Picture Research co-authors summarized their findings this way: "… you may strike gold by directing your label designer to develop some more bold, bizarre, daring, macabre, unusual, weird or wacky designs in your next label design program."

Dawn and Corey Manning, owners of Chateau Diana Winery, have grabbed consumers' attention in this category with their Zombie Zin Zinfandel.

The Label: The Zombie Zin label is digitally printed on Classic Crest stock from Labeltronix to highlight the details of the artwork. A sculptured emboss gives depth and multilevel effects to the image, while a spot gloss varnish applied to certain parts of the label makes it "pop" in an eye-catching, blood-curdling way.

Ready to try something -- well -- unconventional? Ask us how we can make it sensational.


Q: I've been considering cans instead of bottles for my craft. From a labeling standpoint, is this a good idea?

A: Yes! And here's why more brewers should consider using pressure-sensitive labels for their cans, instead of pre-printed or shrink-sleeved labels:

  • Lean Labeling - That's our signature program giving you the flexibility to order what you need, when you need it, at one fixed cost.
  • Options! With labels you have many material options to choose from, and you can introduce special unique finishes like foiling, embossing or spot varnishes.
  • Free up cash flow! By ordering just what you need when you need it - instead of having to purchase a pallet or more of cans for one brew each time you want to release - you have cash to spare.
  • Quicker turn-around. You can release various brews in shorter production runs when needed, while being able to release the large batches as well. This opens another avenue to increase sales and profitability.

Find out how Creature Comforts capitalized on the use of cans at this blog post. Want to know more? Give me a call!



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