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Hope 2016 is off to a great start for you! At Labeltronix, we're starting off with some BIG news to share, including:

Yes, 2016 is shaping up as a big year at Labeltronix, and we know you have big plans, too! Please tell us how we can support them!


The first sighting of 'Big Foot' in North America in 2016 is at Labeltronix! Yes, the Digicon 3 press with the Big Foot Flat Bed module landed in our Anaheim headquarters—the first installation of the AB Graphic International finishing press in North America. This hot foil and embossing stamping module uses 50 tons of pressure to lay multiple foil colors, and raises embossing to a new level. It's sophistication on steroids. Read more here, or call for a demo of what Big Foot can do for you.


Need a big dose of inspiration, but don't have time to go out and get some? Stop by the Labeltronix online Resource Center, where you'll find case studies, craft beer resources, guides, reports and a virtual tour of our facility. It's a great way to get the creative juices flowing. You can schedule a consultation there, too. Please do.


Q: Big beer companies are buying craft brewers. What does this mean for me?

A: BloombergBusiness explains this trend in its recent story, "Big Beer's Plan to Sell to Consumers Who Hate Them." Who are those haters? Millennials, whose buying power will increase to 29% of U.S. spending in 2010. They want to see brands that are different, strong, and independent. Six out of 10 drinkers say a brewer's independence is important when choosing a craft beer, the article says. So keep your independence front and center, and it will be appealing to more than half of beer consumers. Need more inspiration? Ask us!





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