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What an amazing year 2016 has been! So Seasonal Greetings – and here's our 'year in review' for you!

Here's to topping this year's Top 10 in 2017!

And again, Happy New Year to you!

#1 – It's been a great year because of you! After all, you're the center of our world!
#2 – "Big Foot" left a big impression on Labeltronix this year! We added a one-of-a-kind finishing press, fondly named "Big Foot," and "he" took up residence in our facility. We've seen results as big as his foot!
#3 – Two golds, two silvers and a bronze! We brought home five awards for excellence in flexography this year. No partridge in a pear tree, though.
#4 – We salute the 2016 World Beer Cup winners, especially the dozen we're fortunate enough to call our customers. Quite the accomplishment!
#5 – Two of our labels were declared "flawless" to win more awards - these from the Printing Industries Association of Southern California. So honored.
#6 – What a year for meeting old friends and making new - in Long Beach @CACraftBrewers Conference, Sacramento @CACraftBrewer Summit, in Philadelphia @BrewersAssoc, and in Oakland @CACraftBrewers Conference. Watch out to see where we'll be @2017!
#7 – Speaking of social, Labeltronix is becoming ever more social. Have you seen us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? If not, please check us out!
#8 – Lots and lots of Lean Labeling for our customers in 2016, attracted by our six pillars of benefits to support them. Lean on us for Lean Labeling!
#9 – We turned the spotlight on some of our customers' brands, showing how crafts can shine with our labeling: Creature Comforts, Wolf Creek Brewery, Half Moon Bay Brewing, Blackberry Farms. Ask to see a sample if you didn't already get one of these.
#10 – As we've added more of you—our valued customers—we're adding more of us, too! Our Labeltronix team has grown to 82 employees. Our extended family has multiplied through our employees' weddings and babies. It's so great to be growing!



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