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Don't you love surprises? We do, and this month we highlight a few for you:

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It was wonderful to win five awards this year in the world's most prestigious and longest-running annual print competition of its kind, the 55th Annual Excellence in Flexography Awards. What was best for us? The recognition put five of our customers' labels in the limelight:

  • Plata Wine Partners' Back from the Dead Red
  • Kirkland Carneros 2013 Pinot Noir
  • South Coast Winery Merlot Rose
  • Writer's Block Lake County Syrah
  • Kirkland Eggnog Liqueur

Here's how Packaging Strategies covered the news! Our team works on every label as though it will win an award someday. Contact me to find out more.


Ever consider introducing consumers to a real person on your wine labels? That approach was featured in Packaging Digest's recent story, "How Character Driven Labels Are Driving Wine Sales," which highlights two examples: 19 Crimes, an intriguing brand featuring the old-time mugshots of the criminals and renegades who were banished to Australia and became its first settlers; and Josh, named after the father of Josh Cellars' negociant. What character might inspire buyers to consider your wine? Let us show you how an image might work on your label.


Q: Should I use a "waterproof" label on bottles of my red wine?

A: Great question! Our Arctic Shield waterproof materials were created primarily for wine bottles that are exposed to cold, wet environments - specifically ice bucket conditions - but we've found that the materials offer distinct advantages that apply to all wine varietals. Some of those are:

  • Consistency of the brand throughout the varietals
  • Easier bottling because the labels simply dispense and apply better than a "thinner" label
  • Arctic Shield labels perform better throughout the process, from bottling to the table
  • Use of embossing is enhanced with Arctic Shield

Contact us for Arctic Shield samples, or to ask for a test run.





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