Creature Comforts Brewery Taps Cans With Labels

The creatively curious brewers who co-founded Creature Comforts Brewing Co. started their craft beer business as most do with only bottles.

As a new brewery, none of us had any direct experience designing labels, then sourcing a printing company that would help on that end, said David Stein, co-founder of the Athens, Ga.-based brewery. It took us a good bit of time to find the right fit for us.

Labeltronix provided that fit for printing.

When the time came to try cans on for size, the Creature Comfort partners once again turned to Labeltronix.

If you wancc_cant to get cans from the large can suppliers, you have to order really large numbers of cans, Stein says. We ran into this problem: we wanted to can smaller batches of beer, but how could we do it?

The Creature Comfort brewers had seen this done before, giving them inspiration to try it themselves. So we got with Labeltronix and said, Hey, we want to buy blank silver cans in smaller quantities and we need a label that will sit on a can and be the right size, the right type of paper and glue, Stein points out.

That wasn't all. We want to do it in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, Stein recalls saying. You can see where slapping a sticker on a silver can could look cheap and like it was a half-assed approach to canning beer.

Stein credits Labeltronix with “really helping us figure all that out.

Labeltronix produced the labels, and they look great, Stein reports.

We've used Labeltronix for our first round of cans, and I'm sure we will do so again in the future, Stein says. We've gotten an amazing response on all of our packaging. From our distributors and our customers, we get only really positive reviews about how the labels look.

Failed Partnerships Lead to Labeltronix

From tgroup_cc_iche earliest days of their collaboration, the Creature Comforts co-founders wanted to feel as comfortable in their labeling as they were in their brewing.

Stein and his co-founder and co-brewmaster Adam Beauchamp use a scientific brewing process in their 13,000-square-foot warehouse. They pride themselves in having a wide-awake creative impulse that is driven by the promise that a curious mind leads to better living.

It took them awhile to find a label printing company that matched that level of aspiration.

Our experience with our previous label suppliers was just getting poor customer service and poor quality labels, Stein says. We made it very clear we needed these labels to withstand cold temperatures and moisture. That's a no-brainer.

But when labels from the previous supplier got wet or the bottles began to sweat, they peeled off. Creature Comforts tried several suppliers before discovering Labeltronix.

The See the Stars Story

One of the most impressive and helpful things for me in working with Labeltronix has been their artistic recommendations, says Stein.

When a graphic designer or artist creates a new Creature Comfort label, it looks good on the computer screen, but then there's so much more that can be done and manipulated in the printing end, Stein says, from finishes and textures to papers.

The first label Creature Comforts wanted Labeltronix to print was for its See the Stars beer. Stein says he resisted the Labeltronix recommendation to use metallic paper that would allow the stars on the label to shine when the light hit them.

Most metallic labels I see are a little off-putting to me, personally. They're too flashy, and don't fit our brand, Stein explains. We wound up not doing that on our first label, and it still ended up looking great.

cc_bWhen Creature Comforts wanted to label Emergence, an ale that is aged in wine barrels, the team decided metallic highlights might work.

We handed it to Labeltronix and said, You're the expert. Recommend what you think we should do for metallic paper and how it would fit in with the artwork, Stein says.

The press proof they got back looked incredible. So we went with it and I really think that made the label. It was so much better when it was actually on the bottle, making it pop on the shelf.

Since that point, Creature Comforts has relied on Labletronix to use their creative judgment. I trust them on how they think [any label] will work and look good, Stein adds. We've only gotten rave reviews.

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